Virtual Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is an event that pits contestants or “drivers” against each other to solve analytic challenges faster than other drivers using Alteryx.

This year, in our first ever Virtual Grand Prix, there will be some exciting twists and turns that the virtual environment allows. Register to attend Inspire May 20-21 and join us to see Alteryx users from all over the globe race against the clock and each other in order to be crowned Grand Prix Champion.

Alteryx Inspire

The Challenge

Our racers will compete in 3 Heats to claim the Grand Prix trophy.

Heat 1 has all 10 racers competing against one another with the fastest 6 advancing.

Heat 2 then has our racers pair off based on their order of finish in Heat 1 - #1 vs #6, #2, vs #5, #3 vs #4.

The winner of each pair advances to Heat 3, which is a race to the finish. The first one complete will be our Grand Prix Champion!

The Prize

The winner will be crowned Virtual Grand Prix champion and win a ticket to Analyticon 2022 in Denver, Colorado and a $1,000 travel voucher on American Express.

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